Advantages of Electronic Side Steps in SUVs

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December 22, 2021

Between Floor of the 4x4s and Ground there is Big Space and idea of Providing A Step

Big upscale vehicles offer impeccable advanced tech features to buyers. SUVs now have become luxurious and once known off road champions also include lavishness to interior of these vehicles. Addition of electric side steps to SUVs is an example of this approach of producers of SUVs. Even before entering the vehicle, you experience the luxury waiting inside the cabin. It is style of welcoming to riders getting in an SUV. Advantages of electronic side steps in SUVs are many. Many of these vehicles offer good off-road capabilities so they are not easy to climb in or come out. Providing a step to passengers is a great idea. The step is present on both sides of the SUVs.

Between floor of the vehicle and ground there is big space and idea of providing a step to facilitate coming in and out from the vehicle seems great. This step is also known as electric board or power running board. The step works automatically and disappears when doors are closed. This smart pedal is retracted soon after closing the door and extends out only when you open doors. This feature has been part of luxury SUVs. The step is wide enough to offer space to put foot on and covers front and hind doors. It is very useful for children, women and old people. It is also used in other vehicles with higher floors.

The step works intelligently through different systems. Smart door sensing system, intelligent obstacle sensing system and manual automatic control system. These systems work intelligently and smoothly. This step being retractable does not add to width of SUV. Fixed step on other hand will hinder passing through tight spaces. Addition of breadth to a big vehicle is not a good idea as traffic is already congested.

Chassis of SUVs are elevated in comparison to cars so occupants like to have this step

In order to make this electronic side step visible LED lights are used. Particularly at night and dark places it helps to place foot rightly. The pedal is made of hard material and extends outward automatically to offer ease to passengers. Idea behind the addition of this feature is to provide required ease for a luxury SUV occupant. Chassis of SUVs are elevated in comparison to cars so occupants like to have this step for getting in and out. While cleaning your vehicle you can use it to reach higher parts of the vehicle.

Washing roof of this kind of vehicle also becomes easier with help of side step. Electronic side steps of SUV can be extended when it rains to avoid mud gets to sides of the SUV. Water on the ground also does not reach to sides of the vehicle. In this way these steps can keep your SUV clean as well and help you to wash it. Driver can use this feature of SUV to avoid bruising of vehicle body while passing through tight space. These steps would work as indicator of the driver. Direct or big damage to vehicle can be avoided with extended side steps.

Elevated chassis of any vehicle makes it necessary for ease of passengers. Even young ones would appreciate this ease. Sensor works nicely and driver does not need to extend side steps every time by pushing button. Sensor is connected with doors so opening of door makes side step extended. Sensor makes electronic side steps work smoothly at time of entering and getting out of SUV. It is not necessary for every vehicle and only vehicles with high ground clearance come with this assistance. On closing door of the vehicle these side steps will retract.

It responds quickly to the command

Electronic side steps become part of body when retracts and do not change its appearance. Motor is used to extend and retract the side steps so its function must remain smooth. Different parts of the electronic side steps for SUVs can be replaced if they start malfunctioning. Motor does not produce any noise and it is surprising for passengers to find a step when they open door of SUV. It responds quickly to the command when door opens and smoothly retracts while door gets closed. Other parts of this system are also available in the market so repair can be done in case of any problem.

This facility can be added to your SUV if not fitted by the manufacturer of the vehicle. This is better than a fixed side step so you can remove it to fix an electronic side step. It is really a good addition to any high ground clearance vehicle. It is quite a befitting treatment for passengers of a luxury vehicle. it remains safe from possible damage because comes out only when you need it to step on. Fixed side step is prone to damage as it strikes before the body of vehicle. Moreover, you find fixed side steps as obstacle to get in as it may catch your leg. Different manufacturers of electronic side step are present and they keep improving quality of the product.

These are of adequate size to put feet on and offer good grip

Electric side steps have improved over the years and have become stylish too. These aluminum side steps are capable of 300kg payload so you can trust them while using. These are of adequate size to put feet on and offer good grip so that passengers may not slip. Possibility of slipping is greater for young ones but a good side step does not let it happen. This strong and stylish part of your SUV comes with warranty. Parts will be replaced within warranty period without any additional payment. Maintenance of the facility is also offered by the manufacturer. Warranty varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and they produce it in different colors too.

Apart from silver finish you can find it in black finish too. Width of side step for SUV is seven inches. It is adequate and offers appropriate space to put foot on. Length of the step covers the cabin and passengers of both rows find it available when they open door. Some electronic steps are lower than others so you can choose from the available range. Some side steps for SUVs lower just 3 inches whereas other can lower to 7 inches. Retraction of electronic side step keeps ground clearance intact on and off road. For sidesteps and any other car accessories in UAE, The Part Finder is your best choice.