Attractions for Car Enthusiasts in UAE

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February 24, 2022

If You Love Speed, You Can Fulfil Your Dream by Driving Through Magnificent Tracks

In the UAE one can find every type of car. These are from leading brands and give the driver and rider liberty to feel the excellence all the way. If you want a family car that is comfortable and reliable, it is present in the country. Then there are those people who think beyond the line and want to get more from the vehicle they are going to drive. These people are car enthusiasts. They love speed and fun and great handling while driving. Also, they love watching sports that are associated with speed. UAE is no less in any regard and for car enthusiasts, there are many attractions here. Whether you reside here or coming as a tourist, do visit these spots to get the real action of cars on the road.

One good thing about these places is that you can experience the speed yourself. Some of those places offer paid race track experience. You can drive a racing car yourself there. Theme parks and museums can also be visited to see different eras of cars. In addition to cars, there are bikes also on display. Whether you are a car enthusiast or bike enthusiast, there is an attraction for both in these amazing places.

Drive Or Witness the Real Racing Mania in Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi

Yas Marina Circuit, which is a race track in Abu Dhabi is host to many prominent races. You can watch the races happening at certain times of the year. What is more exciting is that one can drive on the racing track as well. This is going to be a paid drive but you will not regret the money spent. Then there are minor races also that take place in the arena, so the track provides entertainment now and then for enthusiasts all around the world. The environment inside is as it should be for an up-scale racing track. You are as excited while driving the vehicle as when you are seeing it. The place is not only for professional drivers the school level competition is also conducted to engage the students in this activity.

Experience Speed with Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

This is a theme park in Abu Dhabi ready to entertain its visitors at the same pace every time. The ride Formula Rossa accelerates at 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds. This is taken as the world’s fastest. One can also drive a virtual Ferrari car on Yas Marina Circuit which is a nice way to experience the excitement. What keeps the people engaged is a gallery displaying many Ferrari products. There is detailed information about the make as well. Even if you are not interested in reading it just seeing the Ferrari in its different period is an excitement in itself. a car enthusiast will never miss such a place while visiting UAE. Themed park is always a good way to spend time and when you love cars then it is going to double the delight.

Check Out the Leading Brands at Dubai International Motor Show

No matter where you belong, there is no discrimination to attend the famous Dubai International Motor Show. The heat is on in this amazing display of all the latest makes from leading carmakers. The show displays exotic cars from around the world which compels car enthusiasts to not miss the chance. So if you are in Dubai then do not miss it if you love racing cars and want to see them in front of your eyes. There is something new every time which grows the excitement every year. As the technology in car making industry has advanced, it gave a new direction for producing cars. And with each passing year, there is some new addition. So the enthusiasm never dies in this display.

Always Alive, Dubai Autodrome

Dubai Autodrome is a place that one can only visit if the love of the car and speed is there. It can be entertaining for anyone. The place is situated in Motor City and hosts famous races around the year. But this is not the only activity offered in the place. You can drive a racing car yourself or learn to drive one. Another exciting experience is when you participate in the indoor or outdoor Kartdrome activity. With a racing motor under you and a tack in front who does not want to give it a try. The popular Emirates Motorsport Expo is also conducted in this place. So apart from getting such participation, one can also get to know about the latest market of leading brands.

What More Can a Car Enthusiast Ask When There Are Auto Museums to Visit

A true car enthusiast will never miss the opportunity to visit such a wonderful place. The two museums are meant for different purposes and different types of cars. Each one is worth seeing. Visiting just one does not mean you have visited the other as well. These equally attract the visitors.

Emirates National Auto Museum Lets You Peek into The Royal Life

This museum displays some of the exquisite cars owned by Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan at different times. You can take a look at the best cars of the era. These range from military vehicles to Mercedes. You can also see the world’s largest truck as well as some other classic automobiles. The number of cars present in the museum is more than 200. To amaze yourself more there are the rainbow collection cars at the museum presenting the colors beautifully. A car enthusiast will never miss such an amazing collection in one place.

To See 20th Century Cars, Visit Sharjah Classic Cars Museum

This museum was established in 2008 and the aim was to provide the audience with 20th-century cars. The collection has a large number of vintage and classic cars. Apart from cars, there are antique motorbikes and bicycles put on a show. Visiting such an amazing place is always such a delightful experience for car enthusiasts. Such places sure make the country a heaven for car lovers. You can find related entertainment in one place which is like a dream come true.