Best Cars for Family Use in UAE and Why?

February 23, 2021

Why to Choose These Top 5 Best Family Cars in the UAE

Admittedly, keeping a car is not merely a luxury and status symbol but also dire need for fulfilling your day to day domestic and official assignments. Looking at auto arena; it is revealed that every upcoming model seems to be more appealing. But on the flip side, it becomes too hard to choose the right one in context of your budget and extent of usage. Truly speaking it is really difficult to decide Best Cars for family Use in UAE and Why?

Without further ado, for a family car, you focus on to have such a car that is reliable and long lasting. It should have all safety features, ample cargo space, laid back interior, comfy infotainment and majestic exterior. You will expect to have a terrific ride irrespective of weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions of the UAE demands a sturdy and powerful car with high performance, versatility and all round performance.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of best cars for family use to buy in the UAE and alluring factors of their preference:

1.Honda Accord

This is one of the immensely liked mid-sized cars in the UAE. Its majestic appearance really entices and dazzles the viewers, leaving them in awe. In addition to it, its interior too is very cosy giving you snug comfort. The sizeable and spacious seats of Honda Accord with roomy cabin are more than enough to accommodate five occupants without any trouble. There is no congestion and you sit quite relaxed in it. Apart from it, this impressive car has comfortable head room and legroom. All this, makes its interior quite accommodative.

This luxurious car is best known for its powerful 4-cylinder 2.0 liter turbocharged efficient engine. It will not be hyperbole to say that this powertrain is the jewel of crown of Honda Accord. All this makes the resale value of this immensely likable car very high after Nissan patrol. It deserves a mention here that if you intend to buy some used Honda Accord, then make sure this car is kept in good condition and better to accompany with you some relevant expert.

2. Ford Edge

Belonging to history-old Ford Company, this is also favourite family car in the UAE. All its features are driver friendly and this car never leaves you in lurch during driving. Its all features need to be appreciated. It is also fuel efficient making it ecofriendly, thus emitting less hazardous waste into the atmosphere. Even there is no dearth of car parts in the UAE because this is an absolute must have for a car owner. No matter how sturdy a car is, you have to search for its spare parts at some time. The elegant exterior makes Ford Edge a car that sticks out from the crowd.

With two rowed comfortable seats for five occupants, easy legroom and head room make you feel proud of this car. This makes your commutes even more relaxing. Ford Edge has very alluring systems like Co-Pilot 360 Technology, auto startup technology, dual zone automatic climatic control system and two sets of rear LATCH connectors.

3. Toyota Corolla

Without any exaggeration, Toyota Corolla is one of the bestselling cars of the UAE. Not only in the UAE but also across the globe, it is reliable and likeable car. No doubt ever since its arrival in the arena of automobile, it has become highly popular car among the motorists. Its majestic and impressive look gives different view. Its powerful engine and all family friendly features make this one of the top selling cars of the UAE. Hence its resale value too is very charming and its price is affordable.

4. Nissan Patrol

Sold under the caption ‘Conquer Everywhere”, Nissan Patrol is popular SUV of the UAE. This car is getting more and more popularity day by day owing to its driver friendly features, reliability and versatility. Whenever someone is behind the wheel, feels proud of driving such a best of the best car that company has ever manufactured. It is also fuel efficient contributing towards environment protection. Then there is no scarcity of its parts and all car spare parts are easily available everywhere in the UAE.

5. Dodge Charger

This low priced car has tremendously been liked by the car lovers. Proudly being one of the best American cars, it is equally popular all over the UAE due to its fascinating history. It is elegant, impressive and versatile. If you are to buy a dream car in the UAE, then this Dodge Charger will cut your mustard. It has strong road grip and powerful engine. Its safety features like rear parking sensors, blind spot monitoring, rearview camera, lane keep assistance and forward collision warning endorse its reliability as bestselling car in the UAE. You can avail all its auto spare parts conveniently whenever you need them. This car really fits the bill.

Last but not least, it is vital to highlight that the visionary people always wish a car in the light of their budget and maintenance cost. A car is comprised of thousands of car parts and consistent maintenance increases its efficacy. No one can deny the list compiled of best cars goes on changing every year as new editions are added.

Surely, the first and foremost preference for buying a car is that it should have low maintenance cost. If you unluckily buy a car that always keep you busy in some maintenance work, then you can well imagine how hard it will be to accommodate such a car. Then at the same moment, procuring used spare parts is another must have in car maintenance. Undoubtedly if in case some parts fail, you will have to make an instant replacement of these with the best ones. So you must be very vigilant and careful for compiling your preference list of buying your dream car. Never entangle in scams.

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