Common Car Engine Problems and Tips to Avoid Them

April 22, 2021

Usual Engine Problems Faced and how to prevent these

Owning a car, has now become unavoidable necessity without which you can do nothing and all the assignments remain unaccomplished without this. According to our data of Used Auto Spare Parts in UAE, car engines is one of the most searched and expensive parts. Truly speaking, keeping a car is of much benefit. Nothing is short or distant now. You can go everywhere within no time. You and your family feel always safe in car and you can choose any route to go somewhere at your own leisure. Uncountable benefits you are having with your car, like shopping, emergency situations, road shows and much more.

To be in perfect working condition, is direly needed for your car in general and for car engine in particular. No doubt engine is of paramount importance if we talk about car parts, as main momentum for moving is emerged from this part. Any abnormality in an engine, causes a halt and you cannot move further. Actually we hardly give much time on car maintenance as it is demanded. That is why, every day you come across some defect that might result in you having to replace your Car Engine in UAE.

Huge amount is spent on car especially if you are not having some car insurance. In so far as engine problems are concerned, the most commonly confronted engine problems are discussed here along with their preventive measures to avoid them:

  1. Dead Battery

The importance of battery can never be ignored while ensuring the working of at least major car parts. Another reason of car not being started, might be due to defective or dead battery. So you must always put a special attention towards it. Check it regularly whenever you intend to proceed for long distance destination. The battery failure may be due to reason when power from it is drained out. There may other reason of routine wear and tear as battery life is very limited and it only lasts for three to five years.

A functional battery demands consistent up keeping. You see that connectors are at fault and needs hooking back. By doing so, battery will feel contented and car is got started instantly. Some unwanted material is also deposited on battery terminals, so wipe these regularly. In similar manner best care, you can have, is to write the date of purchasing of battery in your personal diary and replace it accordingly when it expires.

2. Poor Lubrication

For proper engine working, there should be enough lubrication between its various parts to move efficiently without any resistance. It is obvious that insufficient lubrication causes friction in engine. Due to this friction, engine will be over heated and may cease also. Actually again the issue come of proper maintenance of every car part. Likewise, regularly have the service of engine and check its oil level and quality also.

Surely both level and quality are equally important to have. Insufficient level of oil and bad quality engine oil both are detrimental for engine. It is also suggested that always have oil changing in your own presence as its quality is vital for your engines’ life.

3. Oil Pump Failure

As discussed in preceding paragraph, that prescribed oil level and its good quality both are an absolute-must for engine life. In the same manner, an oil pump too is of great value for life of an engine. Oil pump definitely is responsible for delivering the needed oil for engine. In case of failure, engine does not get the required engine oil and this compels the engine parts to work without engine oil in the presence of friction.

This more fatal and harmful situation is very dangerous for your engine. Hence never ignore the proper oil pump function and also make it certain that engine oil being used is of desired viscosity. Its viscosity is essential to check as it makes the engine oil to flow.

4. Dead Starter

A starter is meant for starting your car and one day you feel during starting car that something has gone wrong. You try to start but no response is given by starter. It is not merely issue of dead starter but this situation may also be due to battery failure. When you turn the key in ignition, you get nothing response but only a click sound. There is a solenoid in the column or starter relay that let the electric current to pass from motor of starter to control current. In this way engine gets motion to move the car.

This should be in your maintenance regimen to check the starter also in routine so that if it is ailing with some issue, that could be set right. Usually two problems could be happened with starter. Either its relay desires to be adjusted or spark plug needs to check. Both should be in perfect condition so that starter could work effectively.

5. Oil Deposit and Debris

It is hugely important to use engine oil of best quality and brand. Keep it always in your mind, any negligence or diversion from it, will be a havoc for engine. The reason being that any dirty and older oil will definably be having debris and deposits that will be settled on engine fittings like spark plugs and intake valves. Now you can well imagine the intensity of using this bad oil in your engine. Hence this debris and oil deposits should be periodically cleaned.

6. Improper Air Compression and Fuel Pressure

There is systematic arrangement in an engine to keep proper air pressure and fuel pressure by valve seals and piston rings. Their failure or damage causes the air leakage dropping the air and fuel pressures. It happens that valve seals are broken, cylinders get holed and worn out piston causes the decreased compression of air and fuel. Under these circumstances, engine would not work. Have regular checkup of your engine and act upon the advice of mechanic. If any part like piston, cylinder or valve seals need to be replaced, then never give a deaf ear.

7. Coolant Leakage of an Engine

Among some other engine faults, comes the fault of engine coolant. The function of engine coolant is to keep the engine normal temperature and if engine is overheating, then among other reasons, one is the leakage of engine coolant. As a rule, always ensure that this coolant is deposits and debris free, then surely you will have the operating temperature needed by an engine to perform its various functions.

8. Engine Radiators Blockage and Leakage

Blocked Engine Radiator is another cause of engine overheating. It occurs when older engine coolant remains uncleaned for long and fills up engines’ radiators with deposits and sediments. How this is caused? Actually it occurs due to consistent usage of hard water as coolant in radiator. If this practice remains for longer period of time, the radiators will be corroded eventually with lime scale.

This is well established fact that radiator is the source of cooling for engine, keeping its temperature to the desired limit. But if radiator due to some reasons start leaking, then engine temperature is started to rise, that is very dangerous for engine as well as safety of car too. You can prevent yourself from this panic by having routine check of connectors and if these need replacement, then never ignore it. The best practice that you must have, is to flush out coolant regularly and replace it accordingly.

9. Spark Knocking

The engine failure is not only due to a single reason but it is due to number of reasons that contribute to engine failure. For instance, you are going towards some distant destination in your vehicle.  Suddenly you feel that a knocking noise is coming from engine. There may be excessive heat in its combustion chamber. In this way due to combination of high pressure and overheating results into engine detonation or spark knock. If this fault exists for longer period, the piston rings, head gaskets and pistons will be deteriorated eventually.

You can prevent yourself from this trouble of spark knocking by providing engine coolant regularly, using enriched fuel mixture, and also by increasing turbulence.

10. Enhanced Smoke Emission

The most common issue usually known by motorists is the smoke emission. Practically if we take it as pulse of an engine, then it will not be exaggeration. With this trouble of excessive release of smoke from exhaust pipe, one could access the fault, an engine is having. Even the expert mechanics too normally estimate the fault occurring by this.

It goes without saying, emission of smoke is a natural must-have that a vehicle should possess. But increased smoke with various odd colors like blue smoke, black smoke and white smoke show that something is going wrong with engine. Normally in case of such abnormality, you will note these smoke types:

  • Black Smoke

Let us look behind the causes due to which you see black smoke on exhaust pipe of your car. Technically seeing the issue, it is revealed that this black smoke is emitted when air filters get clogged. Not only this but other parts also have an effect on this emission and those are problems of pressure regulator or injectors. You see how the matter is so grave to tackle with. This is not something ordinary but it will cause you greatly as it indicates also that vehicle is consuming more fuel during the emission of black smoke.

  • White Smoke

Though emission of white smoke is not of much threat yet extra ordinary release of white smoke should be checked instantly. The engine coolant plays a vital role in the cooling of engine and if it stops working, then temperature of engine rises step by step. It happens that during this release of white smoke, coolant starts leaking into combustion chambers. It might possible that engines’ cylinder head also gets damaged, so this also needs to be checked in this regard.

  • Blue Smoke

The blue smoke emission reveals that somewhere into combustion chambers, engine oil is being leaked in. This is also dangerous for engine as it will be having less oil as it is needed and rest of the oil will be leaking in combustion chambers. It is pertinent to apprise here that faulty rings or faulty valves are causal agent of this engine leakage, resulting into release of blue smoke from exhaust pipe.

Regular tuning of car engine is the best remedy to deter, increased smoke emissions. This should be part of your maintenance regimen always.

11. Issue of Failing Alternator

With the passage of time and in a bid to adorn vehicles with latest technology, innovations have always been added in every upcoming car model. To charge the battery effectively and endorsing power to electrical system during driving mode, alternators perform their function. But unluckily if they stop working, the car does not start or even leaves you in lurch on the way. Non responsive battery, will indicate this issue to you.

Yes, you can avoid this trouble if you are having a systematic record of alternator that when will it be replaced. In this way, by following this track of alternator record, you can have preventive measures in time. No doubt wear and tear is compulsory component of every machine like car.

12. Spark Plugs Failure

Giving the spark to ignite the air and fuel mixture through explosion, sparks enable engine to create power. Like other parts, the spark plug has also certain life and beyond that it will not work properly. Resultantly, you will have to replace this bad spark plug with best quality. It is indicated to you when you feel low speed but also increased consumption of fuel by your car.

Certainly you can avert this trouble if you conduct tuning after six months regularly by replacing spark plugs at least after 5 to 6 months. Apart from it, whenever you feel something is wrong with spark plug, change them instantly.

13. Alerts from Loud Noises

As you know, car is a complex machine comprised of various systems and parts that are correlated to each other. Loid noises also intimate you about some fault of engine warning you to have prompt action. You will hear knocking or vibrations inviting your attention. It is advised that never take it light and whenever you feel this, halt at once. Actually this fault may be due to defective timing belt or worn starter. Keep a vigilant eye over them and get these replaced if worn out.