Different Types of Car Bull Bars for UAE Car Owners

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November 22, 2021

Get a Bull Bar for your Car to Uplift the Look

Getting a bull bar for the car especially the off-road vehicles is something that is done for different reasons. It could be for elevating the look of the vehicle or it is for securing the front from animals or as a precaution in case of an accident. To protect the engine in case of collision, bull bars are also used. No matter what the intention is, there are various designs and materials offered in the market. Now these can be made for enhancing the looks only or placing for serious security of the front structure. So the choice is based on commonly these lines.

Like any other car accessories, this accessory can be taken as an extra fit but it is not without its advantages. Yes, you are going to spend extra money on it but it is not going to get wasted. Especially when you are going to use your 4-wheel drive on adventurous paths and off road areas then it becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. The headlights and front bumper of the car can get seriously damaged due to accident with an animal or an uncertain land scape. This can be avoided with a bull bar. When choosing it for this purpose one has to be very clear and look for the practical ones rather than for style.

Knowing what different types are there offered in the market makes picking the right one easier. There can be different structure as well as different materials. These options make things easier for the customer to pick as per need.

Need An Overall Safety Go for Full Grille Coverage

As the name suggests, these are meant to give a full coverage to the front of the car. These bars have center mountings that make it easier adjustment on the vehicle. The bar extends to the side of the vehicle as well which give it extra protection to the headlights also. These type of bars are fit for the areas where extra protection is needed for the vehicle. Especially when on a track where animals can suddenly clash with the front this heavy duty fitting can actually save your vehicle from a bigger damage.

The Center Grille Shield Can Be Handy When Lesser Security Is Needed

When you are not in need of a full protection for your car then the center grille guard will be a good pick. This one can protect the front grille and also give a simpler look also. These are going to be fit for those buyers who want an extra element on the vehicle. Also when you are on the highway or in town such a minimal protection is going to be enough. One can also do modifications to this bar and add the side brushes for the headlight protection as well. This is up to the customer need.

Bull Bars with Skid Plates Best Protect the Bumper from Below

Now these are the bars that can be really helpful when you are on a rough path. The skid plates are strong plates that can be either welded or bolted to the bar. These give extra protection while on a stone path or with pebbles. The uneven surfaces can be easily dealt with this bull bar so that there is no harm to the front in any way. Even the bigger rocks can be shielded by these which is even better when you are on an adventurous vacation.

Single And Triple Hoop Bars Are an Option According to The Usage

Single hoop bars look better when fitted on a vehicle. These have single bar as the name suggests. This give protection as well as keep the look of vehicle same as before. But these are not fit when heavy duty work is to be taken. For that triple hoop bars are the answer. These provide a lot of safeguard but not a good look. But that is actually a subjective perception. Some may take it as positive and something fresher to look at. What is the disadvantage here? It’s the weight. It increases the weight and also the fuel consumption a bit. But if that can be tolerated the vehicle becomes safer for its structure.

Give it Style with the Nudge Bar

Nudge bar is just put up for style purposes. These are not to be taken as guard against any accident. You can certainly have it for ornamenting your vehicle. They certainly give a newer element to the exterior which is good. Light impacts can be handled by this bull bar.

Types of Bull Bars By Material

Now regardless of the types there is another important factor which is the material of the bull bar you are going to buy. There are three type of materials offered for a bull bar. Yes, they differ in their capability accordingly but they serve the purpose if bought for the right need.

Steel Bull Bars

These are certainly the most resistant bull bar. Made of a tough material these can stand rough impacts and save the rest of the body. The higher resistance means anything that comes in front can be managed successfully. But the disadvantage of this bull bar is that the weight of vehicle increases which effects the handling and sometimes fuel consumption also.

Alloy Bull Bars

Alloy bull bars are a lighter material to be used for making bull bars. As compared to steel bars these are lighter. Manufacturers use different alloys to keep these that way. But what is missing here is the great capability of a steel bull bar. These can stand less intensity of collision as per common perception. But this is not all truth. Manufacturers use such alloys that can increase the strength and give it the same power.

Plastic Bull Bars

Plastic bull bars are an alternative to steel and alloy bars. These are made strong to face a collision with the same ability as steel and alloy bars. Good thing is that in the price they work very well. In case of a light collision they can even return to the original shape as well. So you save the time and money for the repair.