Do You Need Car Sun Shades in UAE? Benefits, Disadvantages and Types of Sun Visors

October 6, 2022

Extremely Hot Weather Requires Special Care While you are Driving

The high temperature of UAE and other Middle East countries is known to everyone around the world. People living in the seven emirates of UAE face the scorching heat when they expose to sunlight. It is really hot, out in the open and vehicles need to be parked under shade to keep vehicle cabin temperature as low as possible. The heated interior requires several minutes to become cool unless the car has the technology to maintain temperature before you get in. This is why protection from sunlight is necessary for vehicles just like us. Windscreen and window panes allow sunlight and heat to enter the cabin of a car. It is not only about the temperature of the cabin but its life as well. Sunlight and heat could damage the interior of cars. In hot countries like UAE, it is even more important to provide cars with a shield against sunlight and heat. Windscreen sunshades or shields or UV shields are used by all car owners for multiple advantages. Similarly, these types of protection are available for side windows. These protections stop the sunlight to enter the cabin. 

Sunshades Shield the Interior

To tackle the sunlight sun shade manufacturers have developed more effective ones. Modern car sunshades do not only stop sunlight from entering the car but also reflect it. Car sun shades thus keep the people inside the cabin and interior safe from possible damage due to heat. The exterior of cars also deteriorates due to heat but it becomes visible over some time. In comparison, the interior is not as tough as the exterior so sun shade becomes inevitable for the protection of the car cabin. People do not always find a shaded place for parking so car sun shades in UAE are a must. Their good quality means better protection from ultraviolet radiation as well. Heat and sunlight cause cracking, fading damaging rubber. Car owners avoid these to happen by applying sunshades, that stop sunlight and mitigate the impact of heat. Spending on expensive repair or replacement is thus evaded. In the United Arab Emirates sun shade for cars is a must.

Reduce the Effect of UV Rays

Keeping cars in good condition is a priority of the owners and in UAE they do it by using sun shades. Tinted window panes also help to achieve this but the windshield could not be tinted and window panes also need extra layering to stop heat from entering the cabin. Heat transfer is blocked to a certain degree and damage becomes the minimum. In the United Arab Emirates UV index is 8-10, quite high and experts suggest to must avoid the sun between 11;00 a.m. and 3;00 p.m. High UV index is damaging not only for human beings but for vehicles as well. People living there or visiting UAE are well aware of this fact so they take every measure to protect themselves and their cars from direct sunlight. Sun shades of different quality are available in UAE and buyers choose the most suitable for their cars.

Sunshades are a Cheaper Solution than Repair

The parts that get damaged the most from heat and sunlight in case sun shade is not applied are the dashboard, upholstery, and rubber items. The dashboard becomes faded in a few weeks or months and cracking could also happen. It is disastrous for the car, its look and feels. Both heat and UV radiation damage the dashboard. Repair is surely way more expensive than taking precautionary measures like using sunshades in UAE for cars. These sun shades should be easy to install and effective to stop sunlight. Due to the placement of the dashboard, next to the windshield, it is most exposed to sunlight. When a car is parked under the sun and no sun shade on the windscreen then the damage could be high. It becomes visible in form of splits and cracks because of UV radiation and the extreme heat of UAE.

For Saving the Upholstery

A car sunshade is needed in UAE to avoid upholstery damage due to extreme heat. New upholstery is again an expensive solution to the problem but the use of sunshade after parking a car could avoid it easily. Particularly leather upholstery has some natural moisture so excessive heat and radiations dry out the moisture. Thus damage to upholstery happens quickly. The feel of leather upholstery also changed and cracks become visible too. Electric parts of the car also get damaged due to heat and radiation so there is no other option left to the car owners but to protect their cars with good quality sun shades while parking.

Heat and UV Radiation Can Cause Serious Damage to the Electronics of the Car

This is comparatively more damaging to the car. Although the parts are not bigger in size these cost more than the bigger ones. With the high temperature in UAE, the wires or cable connectors can expand more than their capacity. This can cause cracking or even melting. The wires or connectors under the dashboard or even the floor can get exposed to such damage. The car’s radio or navigation system can misbehave and even other electric connections can get damaged and may applications malfunction. To avoid such damage and save yourself from spending too much money, sunshades are the best solution. These different types of sunshades can reduce the temperature inside to a large extent.

No need to worry as your car can be protected from the intensity of sunlight in UAE. If the car cannot be parked in a shady place due to the absence of such a place the sunshades provide the best alternative. With a reduced temperature inside the car, the occupiers as well as interior constituents and electronics can be protected. You can get these by physically visiting the shop or ordering car sunshades or any other car accessories in UAE online. These shades are very easily accessible in the market as people are very well aware of the need. Acquire these and keep them inside the car in case an emergency arises and you do not have a parking place.