How Do I Identify Car Parts?

November 6, 2020

An Introduction to Some of the Essential Parts in Cars

It is quite obvious that repairing is the art of mechanics but there is no harm if every car owner knows a little bit about each and every car part. It will be of great value if you are confronted with some part failure and contact some company to repair it. Then you are told about a detailed introduction and expenses to be had on repairing it. You silently bow down your head as you know nothing. So it would be of tremendous value if you are familiar with the Car Parts, their identification and the function these had in moving the car. So with this you can discus and argue in better way with service technician.

Every car part has certain numbers engraved on it by every car manufacturer and it is complex and self-explanatory. This is very useful when you are searching used spare parts for your bad part of car. This saves a lot of your time. Every year slight modification is also made in each car part, hence these are for certain year and these carry numbers and letters.

  • Axle

Axles are annexed to wheels and assist the weight of your car, shift power and of course are important part of steering system. Simply speaking, axle transfers power created by engine to the wheels. It provides a base for your car movement. Sometime the axle fails to perform its function due to normal wear and tear. You will hear loud clunking noises and feel much vibrations in the car, especially when you apply brakes. Like other auto spare parts, your can have axle of better quality to fix it in car.

  • Carburetor

Carburetor regulates the movement of fuel and air by mixing them in proper ratio for combustion to run engine perfectly. These carburetors were part of old cars but now these are replaced with fuel injection to enhance the efficacy of vehicles. Where more air is needed, then these carburetors are of two barreled for specific vehicles as needed by the engine it has.

  • Power steering pump

It is very critical car part that makes the steering wheel to turn comfortably. In this process, Power Steering Pump uses hydraulic mechanism for provision of energy to wheel. Over all purpose is to give more convenience to movement. It is located very near to engine of the car. There is power steering fluid in the reservoir located between battery and the engine.

  • Catalytic converter

It normally lies close proximity of engine exhaust manifold and muffler. The basic function of catalytic converter is to control the overall pollution created in the car. Through it, toxic wastes are converted into less toxic emissions. This is accompanied by oxidation and reduction catalysts.

  • Battery

A very fundamental and critical component of car, battery is located under the hood with easier visibility. It has two terminals plus and negative on which you connect red clamp and black clamp respectively. Battery helps to assist car to start providing jolt of electricity to power engine and other electrical accessories. Actually battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy which is afterwards transmitted to starter for starting the engine.

  • Car Starter

This car part is responsible for the repeated turning of engine on with its motor. It is entirely different from ignition switch as it is bolted on transmission or with engine case. Surly, its failure stops your car movement. Like other used spare parts, you can also replace the bad car starter with the better one.

  • Spark Plugs

Though very little like your finger, yet can perform such a big task having the capacity of passing 20,000 to 100,000 volts for ignition to empower the car engine. These are located in cylinder head of engine and can be replaced or cleaned easily by swapping them out. Be very attentive about it and try to get it changed at least after 30,000 mileages.

  • Radiator

When you open the hood, in front of you, there is radiator that is distinctively visible. It is of critical value for keeping the engine temperature to normal value. It circulates water and coolant to keep the temperature to normal range. There is no dearth of car parts in UAE, so whenever you feel that radiator of your car is not working well, then replace it with better one and never delay it at all.

  • Alternator

The alternator is firmly fixed on the engine of the car that creates electrical energy from the movement of car. The energy thus produced by alternator is stored in the battery of car.

  • Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen sensors or O2 sensors are being installed in the vehicles since 1970 so as to monitor hazardous fuel emissions. These sensors are situated at two places in car. One oxygen sensor is located by catalytic convertor and other is located by exhaust. Most of the cars have four oxygen sensors to minimize the hazardous emission.

  • Piston Rings

Resembling bracelets of your shoes, piston rings are another important car part. Situated on piston with two ends. Moveable end is of combustion chamber and non-movable end is cylinder head. Their main function is to keep cylinder sealed and piston together firmly. A piston has two top rings and one oil ring.

  • Muffler

These mufflers are in the form of condensed exhaust pipe emerging from back of a vehicle underneath. These were first added in cars in the late 1890s. The main function of the muffler is that it muffles cars engine sound.

  • ABS Control Unit

ABS or Anti-locking braking systems are crucial to have for the safety and efficacy of braking system.  This ABS control system stops wheels to lock up on application of brakes, easing wheels to have complete grip on the road. Thus you retain your car in certain lane.

  • Thermostat

Never take this part like thermostat at your home, as it is entirely different part. It is responsible for regulation and controlling of coolant flow of car between engine and radiator to remove heat. You can trace it under the hood near water pump.

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