The Most Frequently Replaced Car Parts in UAE

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March 22, 2022

How Important Is to Know About Car Parts That Are Replaced Mostly

First and foremost, thing that a car owner must keep in mind is to have basic knowledge about car parts and their function. In addition to it, he must know when to replace certain part and from where, well before time not at the time when something goes wrong in the car. The peculiar feature of cars being produced of all brands, is their similar design and built up on the basis of common working principal.

Hence, it is clearly revealed that majority of vehicles are confronted with same issue when they run on the roads. It is true that certain safety features and specific equipment of a brand might be different but with regard to basic systems and main components, car parts like engine, ails with the same problem. It is quite obvious that to tackle this embarrassing situation, you will have to replace the defective part. Auto markets in UAE are swarming with used and reconditioned car spare parts like used & reconditioned engines. It is seen that mostly cars come in repair shop with the same problem.

By going through preceding paragraphs, you can well perceive how important is it to be vigilant about replacing the failed car parts with the best used or reconditioned parts. Seeing the gravity of knowledge about car parts that are frequently replaced, is of prime importance. let us have a look at these:


This deserves a mention that engine is the basic car part that pulls the car and without it, there is no motion of car. You can well imagine a situation when you are confronted with engine failure and you have no other option other than replacing bad engine with recon or used engines. There is no dearth of such engines as reconditioned engines for sale, can be had even online.

Drive belt

Drivebelt is made of rubber type material and is strong enough to power the water pump, oil pump, power steering, AC compressor and alternator. It is quite obvious that your car cannot move without the working of the drive belt. If minor damage is ignored, on the way while driving, the drive belt gets broken making a yelling sound. So be careful about it.

Oil filter

To change the oil filter is of immediate need irrespective of make and model of vehicle you own. It goes without saying that without having proper lubrication, the internal combustion engine fails to perform effectively. Normally after the mileage of 5000 to 20,000 Km oil and oil filter needs to be changed. However, you will have to follow the manual of your make and model about the type of oil and at what interval it needs to be changed.

Air filter

Though after covering 40,000 Km, air filter must be replaced yet whenever it gets clogged or dirty, must be changed at once for smooth driving. So, it must be changed at regular intervals. It happens that bad air filter reduces the fuel efficiency by minimizing the airflow to the engine. Air filter becomes direly needed to replace for those motorists who travel usually on dusty or humid roads.

Cabin filter

Pollen or cabin filter is another important car part that filters the air coming into the cabin and keeps the dust and pollen out. A failed and clogged cabin filter affects the efficiency of climate control system of vehicle. No definite interval can be given for its replacement as this depends upon your driving area. Its replacement is quite easy being located on back of glove box.

Brake pads and rotors

Truly speaking, the importance of breaking system is self-explanatory as without it, driving is impossible. And replacement of rotors and pads are carried out as routine practice by the car owners through mechanic. It happens that when you press the brake pads, it exerts pressure onto rotors and ultimately car is slowed down. In this way both brake pads and rotors are rubbed with each other. Their wearing leads to their replacement. On the eve of emergency brake application, rotors are heated greatly and brake pads are worn too early.

Wheel speed sensors

The expert and vigilant driver always keep an eye over dash board lights. ABS warning light let you know about the failure of wheel speed sensors. Their outside exposure always makes sensors vulnerable to threats posed by outer elements like salt, snow, mud and extreme winter and summer. So, if these are damaged, get them replaced.

Stabilizer links

The shocks emerging from bumps are absorbed by suspension components. That is why such parts are used more and need replacement also. Every car manufacturer offers the best of best stabilizer links that could go long. However, these are affected differently in different car models.

Charging system

  • Battery

The charging of battery is affected in cold climate and more severity occurs in snow fall zone where batteries get more stress to display their function. Further to it, when plates of the battery are also damaged, then power flow ceases to start the car. So, keep your battery always in perfect condition and replace it in time.

  • Alternator

This is another vital car part that is affected badly when battery has to work under stress and strain. So naturally it too, will have to be replaced. The belt drives the alternator and alternator turns more than the engine. That is why it wears out early.

Ball joints

Ball joints are very important part that are used when car bounces on a bump or crack. Though these are properly lubricated by the builder yet with the passage of time and intensity of usage, dirt and water entry makes their seal to dry out. Due to cracking and rusting, ball joints are affected greatly and will have to be replaced on failing.

Shock absorbers

Suspension struts or shock absorbers are vulnerable to more damage due to dust and water. So unlike other suspension components, shock absorbers are damaged early and needs replacement.

Steering system (Inner tie rods and tie rod ends)

Both ends have same function that let the wheel to move in horizontal direction. Located outside these too are damaged due to rusting. The failed steering system is greatly dangerous that can cause serious accident, so never ignore its failing.

Ignition system (Spark plugs)

As principle, the internal combustion engine has spark plugs for igniting the air and fuel mixture causing explosion that enables the car to move. In this way spark plugs have to bear high pressure and temperature also. That is why with the passage of time, centre electrode is worn out causing its decay and needs replacement.

Engine management system (Oxygen sensors)

The role of oxygen sensors is to manage the air fuel mixture coming into the engine. Mostly these are fitted on catalytic converter and other on exhaust manifold. There is no denying that being located in high temperature zone, these O2 sensors are damaged in the long run and need to be replaced accordingly.