What Are All the Main Parts of Any Car?

October 15, 2020

Basic Car Parts You Must Know

Your majestic and awe-inspiring car comprises a lot of car parts right from the catalytic convertor to the alternator. These parts collectively act to power your car so as to move on the road. Knowing about these parts, is absolutely necessary for everyone who owns a vehicle. If you are familiar with these parts, then you can do maintenance regimen comfortably. But if you never bother to get familiar with these parts, then you will be having a lot of troubles specially in case of some part failure.

It goes without saying that a car is composed of complex parts that make the smooth and efficient working of this complex machine. There is no arguing that the cars that are now manufactured are very complex with electronic parts as compared to cars of the earlier days. Mostly people take belts, fluids, plugs etc. very trivial, but factually these parts play pivotal role in car functioning. To make our readers familiar with basic Car Parts, we are going to have a look at critical parts below. You can also learn how you can maintain these parts in a better way.

  1. Engine

No doubt an engine is hub of a vehicle and without it there is no vehicle of any kind. This is crucial component of your car. How durable and efficient your car is, is judged by the powerful engine it has. Diesel, ethanol, gasoline and electricity engines are categorized so far. Regular oil changes are an absolute must for an engine.


There are two types of drives, front wheel drive and rear wheel drive. In Front wheel drive, transmission is between transaxles and back of engine block. Whereas in case of rear wheel drive, the transmission is directly bolted to rear of an engine. As you know gears in transmission have pivotal role as per choice of driver. The driver selects gears manually in power train in manual transmission where as in an automatic transmission the gears are regulated automatically with the help of transmissions fluid. The CVT transmissions performs function of changing gears regularly in certain ratio.


To move, brake and turn, axle plays a pivotal role. Axels are located with wheels and bear weights of car, carry on power and is the main component of steering system. Unlike earlier vehicles, the modern vehicles are fitted with split axle wherein each wheel is attached to separate shaft. This gives more ease and comfort making your journey more pleasurable and free of jumps and troubles. It is also worth mentioning that axles also make better cornering and traction improving tyres’ life.

The importance of axle can be visualized from its role of transferring power right from an engine up to wheels. Whenever you intend to turn at some stage of driving, an axle assists you to move, brake and turn obviously.

4.Catalytic Convertor

This reduces the hazardous nitrogen, carbon and hydrocarbons emissions. This is of stainless steel and catalytically removes the harmful emissions. All Car Parts in UAE are easily available but decide in time, the part that needs to be replaced


Battery plays a crucial role in starting your car and its critical positon is felt in case of some of its failure. Actually, it is the first car part to turn on the car. It functions by generating electricity through its terminals when you turn on ignition key to start your car. The electric current thus produced, provides power to the car engine and other accessories. In the language of physics, it transforms chemical energy into electric energy supplied to starter.

Car battery in most of vehicles, is located under the hood having positive and negative terminals. For jump start, you connect red clamp to plus sign and black clamp to negative sign. After specific period like other auto spare parts, you have to replace new battery.


The alternator is another important part that uses mechanical energy produced to recharge the battery. The electricity produced by alternator is transferred by it into electrical energy form mechanical energy. Briefly speaking an alternator transfers power to cars’ electric system.


The first and foremost thing that you need to check before moving car is to ascertain that brake is working. If all of a sudden, you apply brakes, and failure comes across, then you can well imagine how severe it can be. The brake system of a car consists of a lot of components like rotor, light switch, caliper and brake pedal. The calipers of brakes you will find on the rear of a car or in the front and of course, back of a wheel. Surely these pads begin to wear down with the passage of time and you have to replace it like other Car Spare Parts.

A scratching sound is heard whenever you apply brakes. It is quite obvious that brake fluid is important to have for proper operation of brakes. So never forget to have a vigilant eye over it. There is brake rotor on caliper and pad that expose much heat on application of brakes. This brake rotor too needs replacement in pairs when ceases to work.


This is the most critical component of car that is situated underneath the hood and close proximity to the engine. Why is so?  Actually, main function of radiator is to cool down engine and absorb all its heat. In this way engine of car remains in best working condition. This is obvious to any one that the UAE is located in hottest climate. Certainly, it will affect the car working capability. The radiator in this way is a boon and blessing to cool down the engine. By having sufficient engine coolant, it never lets engine temperate to rise.

As coolants circulates through vehicle and sucks heats and shift it onwards to the radiator. And the radiator fan is continuously working and cools the hot air coming. And consistently this heat is dissipated out in the atmosphere keeping the car cool.