What Are Window Tinting Rules In UAE?

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January 17, 2022

Visual Light Transmissions Percentage of 50% Has Been Allowed In UAE

People like to alter their vehicles and window tinting is one possible alteration. We observe it all over the world but percentage of window tinting varies due to prevailing rules in every state. UAE is exciting tourist destination and we see superb expensive cars more frequently than anywhere else in the world.

Owners of these lavish cars desire privacy and tinted window panes ensure it to an extent. Before doing this alteration to the panes, owner should be aware of the rules and legal limitations for tinting. What are windows tinting rules in UAE is real question for people want to darken vehicle windows. In case of excessive tinting percentage, fine will be imposed. Only side and rear panes can be tinted and wind screen.

Visual Light Transmissions percentage of fifty percent has been allowed in UAE. It is a measuring unit to gauge light going through window pane. So only fifty percent darkness of the aforesaid glasses has been allowed. After tinting the windows, half of light stops outside. Some cars come with light tinted glasses. Car manufacturers are also aware of rules and laws regarding vehicles so they strictly follow them. People can enhance darkness of factory tinted glasses. While doing this total Visual Light Transmissions must remain in accordance to the limit. Usually factory tinted glass VLT is 20 percent so additional darkness should remain less than 30 percent. In this way set limit of 50 percent may not be crossed.

Heavy fines are imposed in case of violation of the limit. Apart from heavy fine of 500AED your vehicle is also confiscated for 30 days. The limit of VLT fluctuates and owners can seek permission from the authorities to get maximum relaxation in this connection. It is important to know the current limitation to avoid any untoward situation. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to UAE and they also need to follow the rules.

To enjoy the best outcome of the exercise

Car window panes tinting rules are same for everyone in UAE. Sometimes people ask about relaxation for males or females and answer is, no. Owner of a vehicle can do this alteration only after registering a vehicle in UAE.

Apart from privacy, scorching heat also demands darker windows. Not only cars but also other vehicles including cargo carriers' owners also do same with the panes.

A soothing feel prevails in tough day time conditions in UAE. In order to avoid harsh heat particular clear film options are present in market. These options serve purpose of avoiding heat, quite efficiently.

Tinting of window panes differs in terms of efficacy to stop heat and radiation outside a vehicle. These options vary in quality and price so buyers must go through all details of stuff being used for alteration. To enjoy the best outcome of the exercise, vehicle owners select top quality films to get windows coloured or tinted. These films are capable of blocking harmful rays so their quality determined by this factor as well. Films that are used for this purpose are metallic and non-metallic.

Both have their own advantages so you can choose any of them according to your requirements. Metallic films used for window tinting do well to keep heat out of vehicle but radiation blocking is not very good. On the other hand, non-metallic films stop radiations effectively as well. This is why later option has been preferred. Some other options have also been developed with advancement of technology. These options include carbon and carbon ceramic coating. These options are free of metal and offer excellent heat and radiation blocking. People should remain updated with latest developments so that they could use the best option for tinting windows of their vehicles.

Heat Is Big Issue and Any Measure to Reduce It in Vehicle Cabin is Welcomed

These laws of tinting may also vary from city to city. This is why one should keep windows tinted at the minimum level so that fine could be avoided. Four years back in 2017 Dubai traffic rules changed to enhance VLT limit from 30 to 50 percent. This relaxation is for all types of vehicles except trucks and taxis. Darker windows were demanded by owners of vehicles to keep maximum heat out of vehicles. Travelling in a cool cabin is always desired due to weather conditions of UAE.

Vehicles available on rent are also allowed to darken windows according to enhanced limit. Similarly company cars are also allowed to benefit from this relaxation. Article 9 of the traffic rules allows car owners to enhance darkness of their window panes to 50 percent. To benefit from the relaxation, people immediately darkened their window panes. Heat is big issue and any measure to reduce it in vehicle cabin has been welcomed by owners. Both heat and light enters cabin of a vehicle through window, rear and front glass.

Apart from wind shield you can make the panes dark to lessen heat. Radiation is also a problem for people inside cabin, particularly when cruising on highways and motorways. Thus tinting of windows becomes indispensable for vehicle. A thin layer of film is laminated on the panes. Usually of black or dark brown colour. The laminated film makes the windows dark and provides soothing feel to occupants of cabin. It is the best option to reduce entry of heat and radiation inside the cabin. With proven benefits of blocking scorching sun heat, block harmful radiation and finally ensures privacy of people inside cabin. Laws have been formed for this as well and car owners must follow them to avoid consequences.

Life Span of These Lamination Stuff Varies

The dark films do different jobs simultaneously so these are very useful. Better quality films last longer than low quality tinting film. Life span of these lamination stuff ranges from one year to ten years. It also encourages people to use long lasting films so that they may not need to do the same exercise every year or after couple of years. These films are easily available and people can purchase online too. Lamination of window panes is an art and everyone cannot do this job. The best quality tinted materials are sold by selected sellers thus not easily available from a store.

Low cost tinting film is not effective to block heat and radiation because it has been prepared with objective of keeping cost low. On the contrary high quality films from renowned brands cost much but these films make significant difference by blocking heat and radiation. This is why for the best result of darkening your vehicle windows is possible only by using high end films. Life span of these expensive films also longer than cheap tinting stuff. Radiation and blazing heat of sun damages these films but good quality films resist the damaging factors for years. Thus these films last longer. Shade or darkening of window pane should be strictly in accordance with prevailing laws, no matter whether you choose low cost or expensive film for this purpose.

Such film lasts till life of a vehicle so once you laminated windows of your car with quality film then you may not repeat this exercise. This tinting procedure should be carried out by experienced professional otherwise problems could occur. In a controlled environment lamination of film has been done on windows and on rear screen. After proper lamination by professionals, you should follow instructions to enhance life of the film. For any car spare parts in UAE, visit www.thepartfinder.ae.